Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Craving a Burger in Long Beach, CA?

My wife, Dana, mentioned she was craving a burger. A rare opportunity for a carnivore like me that lives with a frequent salad lover, so I offered her my thoughts on where we could go. Maybe some of you would appreciate my quick burger preferences:

Good burger places in Long Beach:

1. Lucilles (huge, but delicious, the Smokehouse burger has it all, but also a price worthy of such a claim)

2. Chilis (Homer drools and says, "Mmmm, extra thick bacon with brown sugar rub.")

3. Five Guys (they do one thing but do it well--fresh ingredients and a simple menu with a good price.)

4. In-n-out (see Five Guys for same description. Actually, I like Five Guys a little better but don't tell my fellow So Ca friends. Nevertheless, people from all over the world come here for Disneyland, and a Double-double...and that says a lot!)

5. Tommys (greasy and good, it shortens your life by a year w/every bite...and it's worth it!)

6. Carls Jr. (This one has burger variety if not quality, something for everyone's taste...just not that much taste.)

7. McDonalds (everyone knows what you get here, but actually their angus chipotle burger is real good. No, really!)

8. Claim Jumper (the Widow-maker is so big I have never finished one. It's name says it all, but the price will leave your widow on welfare).

Note: This blog post was unsolicited and the blogger received no freebies or payment in any form for it...but he is poor, hungry and definitely open to it if you want to send him some. \;o},