Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The problem of cooperation based simply on doctrine

There is a problem in defining our Christian fellowship based on the subtleties of our doctrines. We are then forced to decide what we believe on a variety of theological issues and develop a creed or statement of faith by which we determine who we will work with and who we will not. We place on this theological banqueting table our best theological assumptions, but also our less certain ones. Unfortunately, all the entrees are treated with the same certainty and given the same authority. The consequences are that minor doctrines then carry the same weight as the major ones. Our view of speaking in tongues is as authoritative as the deity of Christ. Our view of the timing of certain end times events carries the same weight as the inspiration of Scriptures.

The worst thing when this occurs is not the elevated importance of lesser doctrines, but the diluting of the more important ones. In either case, we have problems.

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Scott Linklater said...

Can the secondary doctrines be overcome with a very clear mission statement, including making it clear that those things will not be addressed with the context of the cooperative effort (..i.e…”we are not going to talk about these things, we are just going to focus on this one or two things…”)

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