Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Viewing Life Through Faulty Lenses

There are many different false dichotomies that affect the way we view life. For some reason, we Christians want to find a nice category for everything. We’re experts at this. The problem is that the world does not always go along with our labels.

When we label everything, we are able to see life only through the lenses of our artificially framed categories. This forces us to live our lives submitting to false ideas that do not represent real life and we become more and more removed from what is indeed true. And worse, we do not even know it.

For the next few blog entires I intend to expose some faulty thinking that keeps Christ followers trapped in artificial boxes. These thoughts come from my new book Organic Leadership.

I personally have been very impressed of late that if these lies are dealt with and replaced with truth God's kingdom can not only expand in size, but in impact on the world. I only hope I can convey my thoughts well on this because I believe it to be the most important topic of this year.

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