Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Latests posts and Future ones too

Friends, The last few weeks of blog posts are actually content from the chapters taken out of my newest book (released Feb 2010) called Church 3.0. To keep the book a reasonable size a couple chapters were removed including one on evaluating a church's success and naming our churches. I also cut out a lot of content addressing the multi-site/video-venue model of church. I felt the blog was a good place to put out some of the content that didn't make the book.

If you like any of these blog posts I imagine you will also like the stuff that didn't get cut out! Church 3.0 will be out in February with in the Leadership Network series with Jossey-Bass.

I am leaving on a two and a half week trip and will likely slow down on blogging until the end of the year when I have another book manuscript due. After that I will get back to blogging again.

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Burke Sisco said...

Will Church 3.0 be available for the Kindle?