Friday, November 6, 2009

I Discovered the Secret to Church Multiplication Movements!

I have given my entire adult life to trying to discover the secret to starting spontaneous church multiplication movements. It has literally been an obsessive curiosity that has become a life calling. Unhappy with anything less, I have abandoned much in its pursuit. One of the things I figured out through many failures along the way is that the potent DNA of a movement is not found in books, seminars or with elite scholars or specially gifted personalities. The true ingredient necessary for a movement is not just in China, India and certain third world countries. No, the potent mix necessary to release a real spontaneous multiplication movement of God’s Kingdom is found in the most obvious but least expected place of all. All along, the secret has been under our nose…literally! The ingredient most necessary to start a spontaneous movement of God’s expanding Kingdom is found in the heart of every follower of Christ. It is inside of you. It is inside of me. It has been in us all along, every one of us who follows Christ and is indwelt by His Spirit. The “mystery” is “Christ in you,” which is the true “hope of glory” (Col. 1:27). We have refused to see the potent seed within us and have actually prevented it from spreading without even realizing it. That’s an amazing thought when you let it sink in.


Joe Kennedy said...

Neil, thanks for that Kung Fu Panda moment. It's a nice reminder. =)

Michael Labun said...

Neil I'm a fan...I heard about after reading Hirsch's book. I've just started your "Cultivating.." book and I'm already planning on starting an LTG.

I've just named my biggest passion in life - understanding what it really means that he's inside of us. But you don't say anything more about it. What do you think the implications are? How do they relate to how we do church and community?

Katie said...

Jesus said; "If any man is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me as the Scripture said, 'From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water." Jn 7:37-38. May the people of God let loose the living water within them and fill the earth so the thirsty may drink! Keep sowing the message Neil.....bellies are beginning to leak!

Tagbo {grimtraveller} said...

Actually, I think that addition, subtraction, division and multiplication are all vital parts of church growth, if we recognise who uses which and when. God added to the church {in the early days recorded in Acts, we're told daily} - and growth happened. God subtracted Hannaniah, Sapphira, Steven, James - and growth happened. The church in the persecution after Steven's death divided as the saints skipped Jerusalem - and growth happened on a wider scale. And you've made already what I consider to be the priceless point about multiplication.
I was never particularly mathematical after the age of 11. I can't, however, say the same about God ! I find it interesting how so many common concepts, actions and ideas that we take for granted and are in such common usage or turn up on TV and films are things that have their genesis in the workings of the Lord. My young son was marvelling about Dr Who's sonic screwdriver and how it could open doors with sound so I pointed out to him that God beat him to that one in Jericho some years before !!

Jason Marshall said...

Hi Neil, really enjoyed your last few books thanks for the brain stretching...trying to put some of it into practice.
Christ within us is the key to everything, love, peace, joy, power, everything comes from the spirit within, and yet we still try to do it all off our own backs, how to engage with that spirit is where the church needs educating, any thoughts, hints tips? Have you come across Ian Clayton? He has some very interesting perspectives on life in the spirit. Also Brother Lawrence's book practicing the presence of God is very helpful.
Regards and thanks again