Friday, October 8, 2010

A New Release is Coming, Well Sort of.

Friends, if you bought Cultivating a Life for God, and then Search & Rescue, you will notice that some of the two books have the same basic message. Search & Rescue is an update on the original, but also written with a different audience in mind. When I wrote Cultivating I was writing for Pastors, missionaries and church planters. When I wrote Search & Rescue I was writing for ordinary folk in the church that need to be inspired to do something courageous for Jesus---make disciples. There is, however, new material in Search and Rescue and every chapter is mostly new, so we continue to have both books in print. I personally believe that the chapter on motivations of a disciple in Search & Rescue alone is worth buying the book even if you already read Cultivating a Life for God.

Now Ordinary Hero is about to be released. I want you all to know that this book is Search & Rescue being released as a paperback under a new title. It is not a new book. I originally wanted the Ordinary Hero title, but Baker decided to go with Search & Rescue with the first release. Now they are trying out the original title I suggested.

But one thing bothers me: it does not mention on the front cover that this is a re-release of Search & Rescue. For that reason, I am putting this out to the blog world so that you don't buy the same book twice. If you read Cultivating, then Search & Rescue and then bought Ordinary Hero, I am afraid you will think I am trying to sell the same book over and over again. I am not.

I think you will find that the new title fits the content of the book better. Ordinary Hero is a great book to get for family or friends that want to be inspired to live more heroically for Jesus. If you have read Search and Rescue, however, there is no need to get Ordinary Hero. If you have never read any of my books, Ordinary Hero is a great one to start with.


Joel Zehring said...

I'm half-way through "Search and Rescue", and I love it. I'll post a more full review on my blog when I'm done, but the ideas about spiritual respiration and multiplying disciples are game-changing for me.

Ross Rohde said...

Thanks for your integrity Neil. It's nice to sell books, but the idea is to have ministry among those who read and to those to whom they can further minister.

Anonymous said...

What publisher did you go with? I would like to publish some of my writings one day, and have been told of a few good publishers - but I'm curious as to who you chose to go with.

Also, I see that you are a church planter. Praise the Lord! With churches closing their doors every week, it is important that there be others to take up the mantle and continue on for the cause of Christ.

God bless,
Heather Joy

Phil Kingsley said...

Thanks for the heads-up Neil. I think this, your original title suggestion, is WAY, WAY better...

"Ordinary Hero" reminds me of Erwin Mc's quote in "Unstoppable Force"...

“The measure of an apostolic community is NOT in the legends created by heroic acts but in the quality and texture of what the community considers ordinary living.”

Are we....??
...making heroes out of those simply living out the normal Christian life?
...confusing the bare minimum with the extraordinary...(lowering the bar)?

Thanks again for the weekend in Edinburgh!