Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ok, so I am glad that the number one terrorist is caught, but I have questions...

They discovered that this may be the hide-out of Osama bin Laden back in August and now they execute an operation? Why such a long delay?

They decide they want a risky surgical operation to prove they got Osama and then dispose of the body right away in the sea?

Why does it take weeks to get DNA analysis normally but they can do it in just a few hours? This sounds more like a TV show than real life doesn't it?

They uncover loads of strategic intelligence that they can use to capture many more terrorists, but instead decide to announce this publicly right away giving the hot leads plenty of time to disappear? Why? After nearly ten years, couldn't a few days or even weeks be used to follow up on many of these leads?

This is the most important operation in US history re. the war on terrorism and they use a faulty helicopter that they have to blow up and leave at the scene? Perhaps reducing the budget on defense spending is a bad idea after all?

They find the number 1 most wanted criminal on the planet in a comfortable mansion in a city only a short drive from the capital and within walking distance from a military training school for officers in the Pakistani army? We give over a billion dollars in aid to this nation/ally?

Perhaps there are good answers for all these questions and I would love to hear them. I am glad that they finally caught bin Laden and that justice has been served. I just don't understand some of these things. They seem strange to me. The answers provided so far seem shallow and lack substantive solution.

I'm just asking questions...

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LindaFaye said...

I have been wondering about the timing as well. I'm not sure aware of news and politics, but more and more I am thinking silly thoughts of conspiracy and cover up. Too many things just don't add up. I would like to trust our nations leaders, media, military, etc. and be a great patriotic American. But lately I am feeling pretty hesitant to be proud of what our country does. Bummer.