Thursday, August 9, 2012

Micro Churches have the Edge on Multiplication

While any model of church can be missional, I do believe that some models are more effective in multiplying than others. In fact, I am convinced that this is not a debatable premise. I suspect that this is why many do not take issue with me when I talk about how micro churches can multiply spontaneously and mega churches cannot.

Now don't hear me (or quote me) wrong. A mega church can reproduce itself. All living things reproduce when they are healthy. But the rate of reproduction is far slower and produces fewer "offspring" and requires much more intentionality. For this reason they are unable to start a spontaneous multiplication movement of like churches.

There is a reason why David Garrison lists house churches as one of the universal qualities of all Church Planting Movements. It is virtually impossible to spontaneously multiply larger more complex organizations and catalyze a movement of such churches. I will list a few reasons why this is:
  1. The leadership required is too specialized/professional and too much of the ministry is dependent upon such leadership.
  2. The organization is too complex to spontaneously reproduce.
  3. The things that cause success for larger churches (attractional programs) work against releasing the people into the mission. Consumers do not quickly become producers. What you draw them with is what you draw them to.
  4. The method costs too much money to reproduce quickly.


Ted Rondeau said...

Agreed. But I thought we were commissioned to multiply disciples not churches.

Stefan Korth said...

Hehe. Good comment. I think it is save to say the less a church is like a church, the more effective it is in reaching the people. Wake up!

Did nobody ever stumble over the fact that there is no such command to build churches, plant churches or multiply churches?! Jesus is building his church. JESUS, not us. Or am I missing something?!

Lags said...

#5 ineffective discipleship strategies and environments. Disciples multiply naturally, consumers don't.

Unknown said...

So much intention-ality, as Neil put it. The road to church hell is paved with it. Good intention-ality of course.
Jesus says we must become like little children to enter the kingdom.
Ever see a little kid do anything but just be a little, unremarkable, useless sweet kid?
Not knocking Apostles et al, but if my construction business output needed the inordinate amount of discussion, meetings, angst, books, buildings etc etc that the church has to reproduce itself every generation, Id be a non profit food bank.