Thursday, October 18, 2012

Foolishness Gets People Killed in Benghazi

Let me see if I understand this...

According to internal State Department emails obtained by the LA Times on April 6, 2012 Libyan security guards assigned to protect the US compound in Benghazi attempted to detonate a bomb in said compound.

The ambassador requested US security forces and was denied by Washington who said that they were to rely on Libyan security forces for protection...the same type that attempted to blow up the compound? Those who attempted the bombing were released within a week by law "enforcement" officials, but the security guard that fired a warning round in the air to stop them was prosecuted. All this happened before the September 11 attack that killed 4 Americans.

My question: What on earth would lead the administration to believe that we could trust Libyan security forces to protect our people over there after all this information?

On September 11th a military strike by Libyans was launched against our compound there killing four Americans including our ambassador J Christopher Stevens.

We have photographic evidence of who led the attack against the US Benghazi compound but we are prevented from doing anything about it and the Libyan officials have not issued any sort of arrest warrant or anything close. Our own investigators were not allowed to enter the compound until three weeks after the attack well after all evidence has gone cold.

I repeat: what on earth would lead the administration to believe that we could trust Libyan security forces to protect our people? This is foolishness and in this case it got people killed.

Source: "Libya IDs leader of attack" LA Times Thur October 18, 2012 p. A9


db said...

This to me is not a great surprise as an outsider, given America's apparent lack of concern of life generally... perhaps the most surprising is that they allowed it to happen to their own people.
The American Gov. happily sends drones to indiscriminately bomb Pakistan & Afghanistan. Obama has passed legislation that allows indefinite detention/sedition and even assassination of American citizens without charge.
Obviously these are all deplorable, as is the loss of American life in Libya... So does foolishness get people killed in Benghazi? Absolutely. Is that surprising? Probably not. My question to you is "why is this of greater concern than the loss of life of any other nationality?"

Neil Cole said...

Wow, that's a pretty audacious and judgmental point of view! Why do you assume that Americans do not value life? Why do you assume that I only value American life simply because I question some poor decisions. You know, I understand at times why people talk about the ugly American syndrome, but I do not think it is exclusively Americans that can come across arrogant, judgmental and selfish.

db said...

Sorry Neil,
I didn't intend to come across as judgmental. I'm Australian and our military is just as implicated in most of the same issues as yours. And I definitely don't think that all Americans are arrogant, judgmental and selfish; I'm inspired by many who are none of those things (yourself included).
I did find it interesting though that you chose to highlight this issue on your blog, as opposed to thousands of other instances (I also understand that it is legitimate to decry the instance that you did).
When I said America, I meant "the American Empire" not every individual American. Sorry again if I came across as judgmental.

I guess my question was, "Is it a surprise to see such foolishness when there seems to be such disregard for human life from that same administration?"

Neil Cole said...

Well, I travel the world and almost always make fun of American world view, because I do not take myself too seriously...but frankly the world has a very polluted view of Americans as well. Sometimes I just get a little tired of it.

Yeah, I guess I shouldn't be surprised by what is exposed, but it does offend me. BTW I also posted the cartoon of the Malala as a threat to the Taliban on twitter and on fb so I do have a heart for others who are not American.