Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'm Baaaack! A New Book is Coming.

Hello friends in the blogosphere. Sorry I was away for a while. I was not on a media fast, as some of you can tell who follow me on twitter (@Neil_Cole), instagram or facebook. I have been writing a new book and I find that I am not able to blog and write a book at the same time. Some people can, I cannot. It usually takes me 4-5 months to write a book and that's about how long I have been away from Cole-Slaw. I turned the book in a couple weeks ago, traveled a bit, rested some (much needed after writing a book), and now I am back.

Just so that my audience knows, there are basically three modes I can be in at any one time: writing, traveling (training/coaching and extending the kingdom of God) or at home (resting, working and catching up). I find it hard to blog with any regularity during the former two modes so my blog will periodically slow down. I wish I could keep up with it like regular full time bloggers do but I cannot do that and fulfill the other things I'm called to. Of course those other things make the blogging I do more effective, so its a tension I am comfortable with.

Some have asked what book I have been working on. I am excited about it and think it may be one of my most important works. The working title is Primal Fire: Reigniting the power of the Ephesian 4:11 Gifts latent within all of God's people. Unlike my other books, this one is not a further elaboration of the implications of organic church or discipleship, but is a profound idea that can and should effect every follower of Christ in His kingdom. Like my other books this one is based upon 20 years of experience, trial and error and presents a whole lot of fresh insights into Scripture and the way we relate to one another.

I will wait until we are closer to a release date before I start getting into the ideas in this format. Suffice it to say I am excited about it and I want it to be very good. There is still a lot of editing work to be done on the project. It takes about 9 months from when a manuscript is turned in as a complete work to its actual release. In that time it goes through two rounds of editing and two rounds of proof reading. There is also the cover design, page layout, and marketing plans that are being developed. I wish it was quicker, but it is what it is. If it goes according to this schedule (which is no guarantee) we can expect a release around December of 2013 just in time for Christmas! And this will make a great gift for all your friends (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more).

I am working with a new publisher for me: Tyndale House Publishers. So I am not familiar with their usual process, I am simply describing the experience I have had with other publishers.


chiefer said...
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Paul Worcester said...

Maybe you could bring someone on to post clips of your articles, books, video teachings etc during your away times. That way you could expose more people to great content and ideas?

Neil Cole said...

Paul, I'd love to but I can't afford any employees right now. Just me doin it right now, and that's ok.

Tom Marshall said...

Writing a blog or writing a book is an either/or for me as well. Though, I've heard Isaac Asimov had five or more projects on the go at once. How is the novel coming along?

Timmy Powers said...

Wow. I am so excited that you have written a book on this topic. I have meditated a lot(and shared a lot with others) on that powerful point from your presentation where you clearly show that the the five areas represented by the equipping gifts of Ephesians 4 are things that we all should be growing in as we seek to reflect Christ. I really concur with what I have heard you share about this and I will be like a kid waiting for Christmas till the book comes out :-).