Monday, May 13, 2013

Young People Are Not Just the Future...They are Now!

I received this letter from a youth pastor in Texas. It really encouraged me so I thought it could encourage more of you as well.

When a child receives Jesus he or she do not get a junior sized Holy Spirit and a Jesus action figure. When you marry the filling of the Holy Spirit with true childlike faith you have a potent agent of God's kingdom. I always say: if you treat kids like they need a baby sitter they will act like it, but if you treat them like they can be agents of God's kingdom they will step up and be that! 

Adam Clay, a youth pastor, sent me this note last week to encourage me about the use of Life Transformation Groups among students on high school campuses in the DFW area:
You probably get a lot of these, but wanted to give you a quick update...Last August, you suggested my high school students at Fort Worth Christian School this year read Search & Rescue, and I assigned that for the class. Several LTG groups were started, which were called Fight Clubs. As they experienced spiritual community birthed with the DNA, they became passionate for more, and started investigating organic church.

This Sunday I have two of these students starting a new organic church reaching out to unchurched high school and University of Texas Arlington. One of these students will be starting at Texas A&M in the fall, and is already in the plans of starting another organic church with some other freshmen he knows in August.

It is really exciting for me to see people that God has brought to me take advantage of the opportunity to go out and begin discipling others and impacting the Kingdom of God.

I know that you don't know me at all, as we have only had a few conversations in person at conferences, and a couple of emails back and forth, but thank you for being a Paul in my life and being obedient to what God has called you to do. Without you even knowing it, God has used you to help shape and impact my Kingdom thinking, and has allowed me to pass that to others.

I get this opportunity all over again next year with 9 new students...they will be reading Search & Rescue, and I will be pointing them to our Savior who knows the plans that He has for them.

Thanks again,
Adam Clay

If you would like to read more about Life Transformation Groups (LTGs) you can read Search & Rescue or  Cultivating a Life For God. We have a variety of LTG cards available as well.


Gary Reinecke said...

This is spot on Neil. LTGs are an effective disciple-making system and I have found when coaching missional leaders that they can exponentially "focus" the ministry on making more and better disciples in conjunction with a neutral environment, sometimes called a "third place", where relationships with pre-Christians are naturally nurtured. The dynamic I am observing with missional/incarnational leaders are three strategic environments: 1. the LTG, 2. the missional community and 3. a third place.

Neil Cole said...

Thanks Gary! Good insight.