Thursday, September 10, 2009

Church 3.0

To be born is a good thing. To know why you were born is a better thing. To fulfill the reason you were born is perhaps the greatest thing.

My life is devoted to creatively releasing the reproduction of healthy disciples, leaders, churches and movements to the ends of the earth until Christ returns or I die. I am pretty set in this purpose and it is hard to get me away from it. There is little else that I see relevant to my calling. This is what gets me up in the morning and keeps me up at night. All of my writings to date have been to this end. For instance…

Cultivating a Life for God and Search & Rescue were written to help reproduce healthy disciples. Organic Leadership, Raising Leaders for the Harvest (with Bob Logan) and TruthQuest were written to develop healthy leaders. Organic Church and Beyond Church Planting (with Bob Logan) were written to release healthy church reproduction.

Church 3.0 is the first book I have written that is actually focused on the big picture of releasing healthy church movements. While it does address healthy churches (you can’t have a church movement without them), it presents a bigger picture than that. The upgrades I am recommending in this book are all dedicated to help us see a true, global church multiplication movement.

This book addresses all the questions I am most often asked about organic church, and uses those questions as a launching pad to discuss the important changes that can bring about a legitimate upgrade to the expression of the church in today's world.

In this book I look at the mission of the church, models of organic churches, how networks are formed, what are some God-designed size groupings for the most effective function of God's people. I also address raising children in organic church, reducing heresy, handling money and the ordinances.

I will post some thoughts from the book on this blog, but the book is very comprehensive and cannot be put entirely on a blog. It comes out this winter with Jossey-Bass under the Leadership Network label. In my next post I will explain the title Church 3.0.

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Burke said...

Will Church 3.0 be available on the Kindle? Please?