Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Hey friends,

Sorry about my long absence from the blog world. I have been writing a book and I find that I am not a good multi-tasker. I had four months to write this book, called Church 3.0--it is the most research demanding project to date--so my blog suffered. Now that the book is written and turned in I can give more attention to the blog, at least until the next book is due (Jan 1, 2010)! The good news is that my new book provides a whole lot of blog fodder! So I plan on putting up more posts based upon my new book.

I am excited about this book because it takes current thought on movemental Christianity and advances thinking. I have tried to expand theory with real life examples from our (Church Multiplication Associates) own experience over the past ten years.

There are many things that you really can't learn until you actually set out to practice movemental kingdom principles. In fact, you don't even know what questions to ask, let alone solutions until you get out there in the mess of it all. Some very good books describe movements as historians and observers from outside, but there needs to be more that can only be discovered by doing the work. I have been getting my hands dirty in the soil of trying to be part of a church multplication movement in the West for almost 20 years now and this book is packed with the real life practical lessons learned at ground zero of mistakes, successes and accidental breakthroughs that have come from pursuing God for a movement for over a decade.

Thanks for your patience. I hope you will come back and check out some new stuff.

Pressing on,



Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I'm sure I don't just speak for myself when I say we've missed you in the blogosphere.

Neil Cole said...

I think I am the opposite of Seth Godin when it comes to writing. He blogs first and then uses that material to form a book (see is real good!). I write a book first and then use that material to write a blog. I cannot think of another way to do it, so there may be long blocks of silence on the blog while I write books and then you will get lots of blog posts all at once.