Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Missional is not a Model but a Mindset Among God’s People

Let me just say up front that I do not think that the model of church is the issue...mega, micro or anything in between. The issue is not how we heard people into meetings (small or large), or even what we do at the meetings, but how we release healthy disciples into the world empowered by the Kingdom of God. That, in fact, is something meetings can never truly accomplish. It doesn't matter if there is a steeple or a chimney on the roof when we do meet, what matters is what's inside the people when they disperse into the world.

I have a new book coming out next month (Sep 2012) coauthored with my long-time ministry associate Phil Helfer called Church Transfusion, which is about releasing organic life into a more established church. In it we strongly state that organic church is not a model but a mindset. It is a way to relate to God, one another and the world with love. We call this the DNA of the body of Christ and we are convinced that it is a universal truth absolutely necessary for life in any church and all churches. The DNA is made up of Divine Truth (connecting with God), Nurturing Relationships (connecting with one another) and Apostolic Mission (connecting with those in the world). In essence, we believe that every church is organic or it is not a church, because all churches are living entities. All organic churches must share in the DNA to have any health and hope to reproduce naturally.

I have seen some mega churches that are very organic and missional and their influence is felt deep into the society in which it is planted. I have also seen micro churches spread and infect a society with a kingdom influence. In essence, your church is only as good as its disciples. The DNA is not something that can be planted with a sermon series, a curriculum or a program. The DNA is carried in the seed of God's voice and must come from within the disciples.


Josh Hunt said...

Looks good. I just preordered a copy. Love what you write!

Neil Cole said...

Thanks Josh. Hope you like it. Let us all know if you do \;o},

Anonymous said...

As a pastor I'm on the hunt for people desperate for God. Pray that God will bring some my way.

chiefer said...

I like it realy much "not a model but a mindset". Christianity is just living. Living with people, living among people, living for people, living without people etc. Organic in it's core is just living and reproducing, whatever of form.